Mailing Label Printing

Quickly print one or more mailing labels using the actively selected person or organization’s address or for all persons or organizations associated with an account

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Developed By: Celero
Version: - Published November 2016

The Mailing Label Printing DNAapp allows users to quickly print a mailing label using the actively selected person or organization’s address or print multiple mailing labels for those persons or organizations associated with a person or organization through an account in DNA®


Today, whenever an institution employee wants to print a mailing label(s) to send a postal item through the mail, the user must copy the person or organization’s address information from DNA® over to a third party application for printing. This manual process takes time and introduces an opportunity for error.


The Mailing Label Printing DNAapps offers a more automated, user-friendly solution by allowing users to review, edit and print mailing labels directly from DNA® without having to copy and paste data over to an external application. With this app, you can:


  • Enjoy a more user-friendly workflow.
  • Reduce or eliminate the errors by staff when copying information from DNA® to an external application for printing.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to print mailing label(s).

DNAapp Type: Screen

Developed with DNAcreator™

DNAX File Name: MailingLabel.dnax 

  • DNA® 4.1 release or higher
  • Employees must have permissions set up for the following Authorization
  • TE – Transaction Express – Provides access to Mailing Label forms



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