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financial institutions

Fiserv AppMarket lets you integrate with Fiserv banking platforms and market your products directly to thousands of financial institutions.  


Ecosystem with normalized API's


U.S. based financial institutions


Day implementation timelines


Billion API transactions in 2023

Fiserv AppMarket makes it easy for financial institutions to discover new fintechs. Get direct access to a community of Fiserv clients who confidently research, select, and request implementations of apps through an integrated AppMarket experience. As a pre-integrated app in the AppMarket, clients can implement your app in as little as 30 calendar days, meaning faster time to revenue for you.

How it works

Click on ‘Banking Hub’ to browse API docs, create a proof of concept in shared Banking Hub test environments.
Step 1
Build & integrate
Click on ‘Get Started’ to get your own, dedicated Banking Hub test environment to develop, test, and demo your apps.
Step 2
Use your dedicated environment to demonstrate your app to financial institutions and build your pipeline.
Developer Studio Connection Plan
Step 3
Add a product distribution plan to start your Go-to-market journey by validating your app integration to Fiserv APIs.
Step 4
Distribute your app to your pipeline financial institutions by certifying in their environment.
Product Distribution Plan
Get your app published in AppMarket and reach more financial institutions in Fiserv.

Choose Your Plan

Build, integrate & demo

Developer Studio
Connection Plan

Build, test and demo your integration using a dedicated test environment and explore distribution plans later when ready.

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Go-to-market with AppMarket from Fiserv
Build, integrate & demo

Developer Studio
Connection Plan

Validate & launch

Distribution Plan


Build, test and demo your integrated app using a dedicated test environment and quickly deploy your validated app to clients at scale.

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Want to start for free?

Get started for free with your application development today with a shared Banking Hub test environment in Developer Studio, including postman samples, 1,000 API transactions per month and up to 3 API transactions per minute.

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Modern fintechs sell on AppMarket

Here's what fintechs are saying.

Heang Chan

CEO of Prelim

"Fiserv has created a pathway to access a full suite of financial services from best-in-class partners. Prelim proudly contributes to this transformative journey, solidifying our commitment to shaping the future of finance.”

Ryan Canin

CEO of DocFox

"By streamlining the way fintechs like DocFox connect with their solutions, Fiserv is creating opportunities for consumers and small businesses to access new experiences and innovative capabilities through their financial institutions." 

David Albertazzi

Director, Retail Banking & Payments at Datos Insights

"Fiserv is enabling its clients to leverage fintechs to differentiate their offerings and appeal to digital-first consumers." 

Build for the future

Get started with developer tools and docs for free on Developer Studio from Fiserv. Or get inspired by top products already featured on AppMarket.