Frequently Asked Questions

Overview Questions


What is the AppMarket?

The AppMarket is a public, online marketplace for collaborative innovation where Fiserv clients can purchase apps to extend their core platform.  It’s also a forum that allows developers to promote and sell their apps to the client community as well as spur interaction among clients, partners, and independent developers.  The market is publicly accessible, available for anyone to browse.  We want to make the sharing of ideas and innovation simple.

How are DNAapps created?

DNAapps are created by Fiserv developers, DNA users, DNA resellers, third-party vendors and independent developers using the DNAcreator software development kit (SDK).  All DNAapps are validated by Fiserv before being placed on the AppMarket to ensure they meet the same rigorous quality, safety and stability standards applied to our own Fiserv developed DNAapps. 

Why did Fiserv create the AppMarket?

We want our clients to have the flexibility they need to continue to be successful. Our global industry changes quickly.  With increasing demands from regulators on the one hand and consumers and small business on the other, financial institutions must adapt or risk losing clients. DNAcreator and the AppMarket promote the development and distribution of quick and efficient solutions, enabling banks and credit unions to differentiate themselves in the market, lower their development costs, speed up their enhancement timelines and improve overall business processes.


Sales Questions 


What is the difference between the "License Price" and the "Data Center Monthly Price"?

Data Center clients can select either the "License Price" or "Data Center Monthly Price" when purchasing the Paid Version of most apps. If you select the "License Price", you will be invoiced a single one-time License Fee as well as an annually recurring maintenance fee.

If you select the "Data Center Monthly Price", a single monthly charge will be added to the regular monthly invoice you already receive from Fiserv for DNA and many of your other Fiserv solutions. The "Data Center Monthly Price" enables data center clients to spread the cost of a DNAapp out over the course of their DNA contract and consolidate their billing.

The only difference between the "License Price" and the "Data Center Monthly Price" is the way your FI is invoiced - the software and the way it is installed is the exact same. Data Center pricing is not offered on all apps, however the app may still be available for Data Center client use.

What payment methods are acceptable for the license of an app?

The only method of payment currently supported is an SPO from an authorized purchaser within your institution. Fiserv will send you an invoice for the purchase transaction.

Will I pay maintenance on the apps I purchase on the AppMarket?

Yes, a flat annual 20% maintenance charge will be included in your license purchase for all apps purchased on the AppMarket. This is a fee that is invoiced annually after your purchase. 

What are the terms and conditions required at check-out?

A check box at the time of checkout is used for the customer to approve/acknowledge that Fiserv will associate this purchase to the FI's Core agreement through our normal SPO process. The Master Service Agreement name, number and date executed will be displayed in the terms and conditions. The maintenance charge however will be a flat 20% for all apps purchased on the market regardless of what the FI's core agreement mentions.

What is the app delivery options?

In-house clients can download DNAapps directly from the AppMarket. You will need to ensure your email servers are configured to accept emails from the AppMarket to receive the product delivery link and authorization key. When a data center client orders an app, an Inquiry is created and routed to the data center team to install the app into the client's test or production environment depending on the app version selected by the client. Data Center clients can purchase their own Test Environment if they do not already have one to test DNAapps prior to purchase and production installation.

Can I save apps in my shopping cart?

Yes. If you are logged in and have apps in your cart, they will be stored so the next time you log back in you can complete the transaction.   

How do discount codes work?

You must be logged into the AppMarket when applying the discount code.

Can I use Blocks of Service Hours or Software Blocks to purchase apps?

DNAapps developed by third party developers cannot be purchased using Blocks. It may be possible to purchase Fiserv developed apps using blocks, you should contact your Client Partner for more information.

Can I use my Flex Credit to purchase DNAapps?

Generally yes, but flex credit terms can vary by client. Typically, flex credits can only be applied to DNAapps developed by Fiserv (as opposed to DNAapps developed by DNA clients, partners and resellers) and will only be applied to the license amount (as opposed to the maintenance amount). Data Center clients must purchase the license version of the app - the flex credit cannot be applied to the monthly billing option. To use your flex credit, purchase the DNAapp normally at full price via the AppMarket and forward the order confirmation to your Client Partner asking that your flex credit be applied. Your Client Partner will work with our billing department to ensure the credit is applied to the license amount. Please verify your flex credit terms and available balance with your Client Partner before purchasing as DNAapp purchases are not refundable.

We no longer need the app, how do we stop billing for it?

A CPO needs to be processed to stop billing, please work with your Client Partner for this request.


Support Questions


Who supports DNAapps? 

Fiserv provides Tier 1 support for every app. Depending on the app, the app's developer may provide additional support that is coordinated through Client Services. No matter the app, contact Client Services for assistance and we will help you resolve your issue.

How do I install a DNAapp?

If you are an In-House client, follow the installation instructions available within the "DNAapp" section of the DNA Help files. These files are available on the Extranet - sign-in required.

If you are a Data Center client, an Inquiry will automatically be created when you order a paid version of an app and routed to the Data Center team for installation. Data Center app installation typically takes two weeks, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the app, inquiry load, and the responsiveness of the client and/or third-parties in the event the app requires client input or third-party integration. Please check Client 360 to track app installation status or contact your Service Partner.

Please note, if you purchase a DNAapp, the Data Center will install it in your production or test environment. We encourage you to test all apps in your test environment before installing in production.

How do I report app defects or request an enhancement?

All apps are validated by Fiserv to identify and correct defects before apps are made available to clients. Should you identify a defect, or would like to request an enhancement, submit an Inquiry the same way you would for other Fiserv products.

You should not use Idea Portal at this time to request enhancements to existing DNAapps. You should use the Idea Portal to request new apps for our developer community.

How are AppMarket users authenticated?

Only authorized users are granted access can make purchases. Your Client 360 administrator must submit a Client 360 Inquiry to request an AppMarket account for users at your financial institution.  

Is the AppMarket password protected?

Anyone can browse the AppMarket, however, a user account and password are required to purchase and download apps, as well as post reviews and access version updates.   

How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password, there is a self-service option to reset it. If you need support, please open a Client 360 Inquiry.

Where is my ‘Authorization Key’?   

Auth Keys are required  for installing DNAapps into your environments. Auth Keys are generated each time a purchase transaction is executed. The auth key is included in the order confirmation email clients receive after each successful order. If you do not receive a confirmation email immediately after ordering a DNAapp, check your spam folder. If it is not there, make sure your email servers are configured to accept messages from the AppMarket. If you still cannot locate the email, please see "What do I do if I do not receive the order email containing the product download?" answer below.

How do I get a refund for an App that I purchased and would like to return? 

Please work with your client partner for a refund, you have 120 days after a purchase to request a refund.  Any implementation charge assessed for the install of the app will not be refunded. Also, please note that an app can only be returned once.

How can I access apps downloaded by my Financial Institution?

You can access all apps downloaded by your FI irrespective of the specific user who had executed the purchase.  The link to download app can be found under ‘My Downloadable Products’.

·      Log into the AppMarket

·      Navigate to “My Account” (located in the upper right corner)

·      Click on “My Downloadable Products”

·      Locate the updated app and click on ‘Download’ link

How do I get the updated version of an app that I have purchased?

Occasionally, apps are updated to fix defects or add new features. Version information is available on the "Requirements" tab of every app as well as in each app's User Guide. Every client who has downloaded a Paid Version of an updated app and opted in for publications will receive a notification with instructions on how to access the updated version after the update has been posted to the market. 

If you are an in-house client who has purchased this app, follow these steps to download the most recent version: 

·      Log into the AppMarket

·      Navigate to “My Account” (located in the upper right corner)

·      Click on “My Downloadable Products”

·      Locate the updated app and click on the grey “Paid Version” link in the TITLE column

·      The DNAx file will download to your machine

If you are a data center client who has purchased this app, please open an Inquiry in Client 360 (including the production authkey) requesting the installation of the updated version of the DNAapp.

    • To obtain the authkey, log into your account and navigate to My Downloadable Products > select the Production order for the app, the authkey will be displayed on the order. 

If you have already purchased the PAID version of the DNAapp:

You should NOT execute another purchase transaction to obtain the updated product download. Follow the steps above based on your DNA deployment type. Do not buy the app again! You will be invoiced a second time.

·      The authorization key you received when you first purchased the product will permit installation of the updated app to your production environment.

What release level do I need to be on to purchase DNAapps from the market?

DNAapps will work for the latest releases of DNA. 

What happens to DNAapps when I install a new DNA release or system update?

DNAapps are designed to be forward-compatible with new releases of DNA. Nevertheless, Fiserv best practice recommendation is that you test your DNAapps in your test environment prior to installation with every new release of DNA.

What do I do if I do not receive the order email containing the product download?

You should confirm your email servers are accepting emails from and not being filtered as spam to ensure receipt for future purchases transactions. The AppMarket allows you to view your purchase transactions and retrieve the product downloads along with authorization keys from the “My Account” page. Follow these steps to locate your product orders:

·      Log into the AppMarket

·      Click on “My Account” located at the top of the page

·      Click on “My Orders” located in the menu on the left

·      Locate the order and click on “View Order”

·      The link to the product download and the authorization key is available in the “Items Ordered” section

·      For purchases, the authentication key will also be displayed in your account view

In the event this information is not present within the AppMarket, please contact Client Services at 1-888-443-5767 or open a Client 360 Inquiry. 

AppMarket Notifications

To receive notifications for new apps published on the AppMarket, set your notification preference in Client 360. 

  • Simply log into Client 360 and access your profile

  • Edit profile

  • Set your ‘Product Preferences’ on the ‘Portal Information’ tab .

    (Access client 360 resources for any further assistance on profile settings)