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DocFox partners with Fiserv to offer seamless commercial account opening with real-time data updates to the Premier core, eliminating manual data entry and repetitive tasks associated with business account opening.

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  • Save Time

    Receives data from the core, greatly reducing the amount of time spent on data entry.

  • Manage Relationships, Not Paper and Red Tape

    Wouldn’t you rather your staff focus on relationship building, not paper pushing? Empower your staff to focus on customers by reducing manual work.

  • Operate More Efficiently

    Increase deposits without the need to recruit, hire and train new employees to handle your account opening operations.


DocFox is purpose-built for commercial banking.

Digitize Your Process

Empower bankers to offer the digital experience that best fits each client – guiding through the process in branch, online or over the phone.

Real-Time Document Analysis

Any document, from a corporate resolution to a hand-written lease agreement, is analyzed by DocFox in real time, saving time, money and frustration.

Core & Systems Integrations

DocFox integrates with Fiserv account processing and can easily connect into other banking software, such as reporting, CRM and LOS solutions to share information across systems.

Fraud Prevention

Automatically leverage third-party data to perform KYC/KYB, preventing fraud and reducing the amount of information asked of a customer.


DocFox complies with industry-standard controls and is SOC© 2 compliant.