Cross Account Transfer Screen

Enable your staff to quickly add, update and remove cross account transfers for customers/members from a single screen within DNA®. Streamline the cross account transfer process and enforce business rules that reduce the risk of errors saving time and money.

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Developed By: Royal Credit Union
Version: - Published August 2021

The Cross Account Transfer Screen DNAapp gives a financial institution the ability to add, update or remove a cross member transfer. 



A financial institution using the Maintain Cross Member Transfer application will experience the following benefits:

  • Fewer errors when setting up a Cross Member Transfer
  • Less risk for the financial institution that an account is added to an online agreement, but the cross member transfer piece is not set up.  This could result in the account showing up in a member's Relationship Profile, making it easier for a transfer out of this account to occur. 
  • Frontline staff will find it easier to set up a Cross Member transfer using this application.




DNAapp Type: New DNA® Screen

Developed with DNAcreator™​
DNAX File Name: MaintCrossMbrXferPkg.dnaxp​

  • DNA 4.2.2 or above
  • DNA CoreAPI 1.6.1 or above
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 (minimum)



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