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This DNAapp consolidates all Notes, Warnings, Lockouts, Contact Management records, and Dynamic Messages related to the selected entity being served into a single, easy-to-access screen so that your staff can search, sort, filter and find relevant notes fast.
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Developed By: Greylock Technology Group
Version: - Published August 2020

The All Notes Screen app displays all Notes, Warnings, Lockouts, Contact Management records, and Dynamic Messages related to the selected entity. It also includes functionality to both open the DNA "Notes" screen to manage note creation, deletion, and editing, and to open a pop-up screen to edit note text and inactivation.

Notes can be added for entities that do not currently have any notes.

AllNotes is accessible from Relationship Profile, Person Maintenance, and Organization Maintenance screens.

Records selected include:

  • Account, Person, Organization level Notes
  • Warnings and Lockouts, both with and without notes
  • Contact Event Management records if the AppMarket application “Contact Management” is installed
  • Dynamic Messages

Yes/No Institution Options are available to control which records to display.

AllNotes Display Warnings

  • AllNotes Display Lockouts
  • AllNotes Display CEM Notes
  • AllNotes Display DynMsg
  • AllNotes Display CLS AcctRoles


DNA allows users to create, store and access notes in numerous places throughout the system. And while the standard notes functionality satisfies the needs of most users, for some users with lots of notes in lots of places, it can be hard for customer/member-facing staff to quickly find relevant notes during an account holder interaction. As a result, service interactions can take longer than they should, critical notes can be missed, and in some cases, employees stop checking notes all together, leading to lost revenue and negative customer/member experiences.


The All Notes Screen DNAapp consolidates all the notes, warnings, lockouts, Contact Event Management (CEM) notes, and dynamic messages related to the person/organization being served into a single, easy-to-access screen so that your tellers and other outward-facing staff can find relevant notes fast. With the click of a button, the app shows all the notes associated with the current entity’s person, account, and organization records in a way that is easy to search, sort and filter.


By enabling your staff to quickly zero-in on the key notes relevant to the current business need, this app will help your staff spend more time engaging with your account holders instead of clicking through core. The All Notes Screen DNAapp increases service speed and quality while helping ensure your employees don’t miss important information during customer/member interactions.


DNAapp Type: Screen

Developed with DNAcreator™

Technical Name: AllNotesDNAapp

DNAX File Name: AllNotesDNAapp.dnax 




  • DNA 4.2.2 or above
  • DNA CoreAPI 1.6.1 or above
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 (minimum)


Compatible with Canadian databases. 


  1. This is a huge time saver
    No more notes all over the place! This really makes it easy to see everything all on one screen. The filters are what really takes this app from good to great! The only improvement I can think of is that users would like to pop it open, move it to the side, so they can notate and continue working in DNA. This will also remind you that entering Inactive Dates is important. We will be doing a cleanup on our really old or no longer important notes.

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