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Sageworks Data Extract

By Greylock Technology Group

This DNAapp is a batch application that generates three distinct extract files containg information for import into the Sageworks financial software.

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The Sageworks Data Extract (Sageworks_EXT) batch application generates five distinct extract files containing information for import into the Sageworks financial software. The extracts are comma- separated with a single header record as the first row.
The following extract files are generated by Sageworks_EXT:
• OSIDATA is a fixed value
• MMDDYY is the current queue effective date
• BKID is the value of the OSI Bank Number (BKID) institution option that uniquely identifies an institution


Sageworks is a leading provider of loan portfolio credit risk and management solutions for banks and credit unions. The Sageworks suite collects and analyzes data, efficiently identifying and monitoring emerging loan portfolio risks, and measuring and reporting the impact those risks represent. The suite consists of the following solutions:
• Sageworks Credit Analysis – global cash flow analysis (DNAapp not required)
• Sageworks Risk Rating – risk rating management (DNAapp not required)
• Sageworks Loan Administration – loan administration functionality
• Sageworks Stress Testing – portfolio stress testing
• Sageworks ALLL – allowance for loan and lease loss (ALLL) management
The Sageworks Data Extract DNAapp streamlines integration between the Sageworks Suite and the DNA core platform, eliminating the need for labor-intensive and error prone manual keying of hundreds of data elements month after month. In doing so, the DNAapp saves you time and money, improving both efficiency and accuracy.
This DNAapp works in conjunction with the following Sageworks modules: Loan Administration, ALLL, and Stress Testing. The DNAapp is not needed for the Credit Analysis or Risk Rating modules.
Sageworks solutions are available as ASP solutions for both in-house and data center DNA clients. The products can be purchased individually or in any combination. For more information about the Sageworks suite of products, please contact your account executive.
Note: DNAapp is available to US DNA clients only, both in-house and data center.
Note: Do not purchase or attempt to implement this DNAapp until you have been instructed to by your Fiserv/Sageworks project manager.
Note: DNA data center clients can either receive the output file directly from the data center and send it to Sageworks themselves for no additional fee; or, optionally, have the data center FTP the output file directly to Sageworks for an additional fee. Contact your account executive or Fiserv/Sageworks project manager for additional details.
Note:  If upgrading from a previous version to version, which has added multiple new fields to the Loan, Customer, Collateral and Deposit files, contact your Sageworks account manager to validate the new files before installing into production.

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Version - Published July 2021​
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DNAapp Type: Data extracts for third party integration


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