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This application prevents duplicate card numbers from being created. It also enables card numbers to be generated randomly, instead of sequentially.


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Developed By: Fiserv
Version: - Published November 2021

This application prevents duplicate card numbers from being created. It also enables card numbers to be generated randomly, instead of sequentially.                                                                                                       


The "Stage Card Number Generator" custom batch application reads the current value of the appropriate card sequence used to generate card numbers for card agreements and creates a parameter defined number of future card numbers for use with the parameter defined agreement type.

Each new card number that is staged by this batch application is checked to ensure no duplicate card numbers will exist within the same prefix across all agreement type. The new card numbers can be created semi-sequentially (skipping any numbers that might already be used within the sequence) or randomly. The random numbers can appear anywhere within the valid range for the agreement type, which is defined partially by the total PAN length and the length of the PAN prefix (minus 1 place value for a check digit).

When DNAapp creates a new card agreement, a trigger on the card agreement table calls the custom Oracle package delivered with this application. This package uses the agreement type code to look up the next matching record in the custom table where the staged card numbers are stored. If a staged card number is found, it is passed back to the trigger to be used as the card number in place of the original card number based on the sequence. If no staged card number is found, the application returns the original card number.

All card numbers, other than the original sequence number used for sorting, are stored encrypted.

Check digits are fully supported by this process.

When a new card number is requested, this process automatically removes the staged card number table.

Note: The random numbers are chosen using the min and max values from the corresponding CARDNBR Oracle sequence. If you are using check digits, it is extremely important to ensure that the number of digits in the pan prefix plus the number of digits in the max value of the sequence is one less than the full pan length. For example, if the pan length is 16, and the pan prefix is 123456 (6 digits long), the max value from the sequence must be no more than 9 digits long (16 minus 6 is 10, 10 minus 1 is 9), for example 999999999 to account for the check digit.

Please note that each agreement type in DNA can be configured with a minimum and maximum BIN. When generating card numbers, this application will ensure that the BIN is generated within the range specified by the card agreement type's sequence.

DNAapp Type:  Batch Application

Developed with DNAcreator™

Technical Name: PS_STGCRDNBR


  • Financial Institutions using DNA Release levels earlier than need to have HotFix DNA- installed for this process to work properly.
  •  The "New Deposit Account Wizard" (NDAW) is supported as of DNA 4.6.2. Using the NDAW prior to this release will cause duplicate card numbers to be produced.


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