Prometheus Financial Solutions LLC

Prometheus Financial Solutions LLC is an international consulting company with a primary focus on financial systems integration. Our team has worked with DNA since 1999, and our team members have been involved with over 200 DNA implementations efforts, including work both in the US and several other countries, including Canada, Mexico, and Thailand. Our team has been heavily involved in the development of over 70 international features for DNA to date.

Our team has specifically strong expertise in the areas of commercial loans, delinquent accounts and collections, troubled debt restructuring, SBA, and all investor and "non standard" areas of loan servicing.

Our development team is currently rolling out our Commercial Loan Suite, which is a collection of DNA enhancements designed for the business lending area. Our initial offerings include the new Collateral Search application, which allows the User to gain a snapshot overview of all collateral under a Person, Organization, or Account, the new Document Request application for streamlined document request review and tracking, and the new Fee Calculation application which allows the User to view the Borrower’s loan and collateral information in order to assess a fee, while also giving the flexibility to choose what values will be included in the fee calculation. 

Primary Contact: Tom Young

Phone: +1 817 403 7528



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