Overdraft Privilege Maintenance

Provides all ODP related information and maintenance options for a given account on a single screen for financial supervisors and frontline staff to manage ODP options and quickly browse an account’s ODP information.
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Developed By: Redstone Federal Credit Union
Version: - Published March 2019

Overdraft privilege (ODP) information and maintenance options of a checking account are presented in several locations and formats in DNA®. Significant time and knowledge are required for a user to collect ODP account information and/or provide maintenance to ODP options of an account. The Overdraft Privilege Maintenance DNAapp consolidates this information into a single screen to save time and better serve customers/members.





The Overdraft Privilege Maintenance DNAapp provides all ODP related information and maintenance options for a given account on a single new screen. The newly created ODP Maintenance screen is available under both Deposit Account Maintenance and Relationship Profile menus. It provides not just a centralized location for a financial supervisor to manage ODP options, such as ‘In OD Program’ and ‘Reg E OD Opt In’, but also an ideal tool for frontline personnel to quickly browse an account’s ODP information including available balance, draw accounts and their balances, max overdraft allowed amount, and total funds for transactions.

DNAapp Type: Screen

Developed with DNAcreator™

DNAX File Name:  DPMaintenancePkg.dnaxp


  • Fiserv DNA® 4.2.2 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • CoreAPIService 2.2.0 or higher
  • RelationshipProfileMoreMenu.dnax needs to be downloaded from the AppMarket and installed first before installing this application
  • Fiserv PS_POD_Enrollment batch job




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    COCC recently had one of our clients install the ODP Maintenance app. Shortly after install they reached back out to us to tell us how happy they are with the app and it's features and functionality. They find it to be a nice timesaver and asked us to express this to the developer as their endorsement!

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