ATM Debit Card Dispute Tracking Research

The ‘ATM/Debit Card Dispute Research’ DNA app provides Financial Institutions the ability to capture the details of a disputed ATM/Debit Card transaction.  The application also automates the application of debits and credits tied to the dispute as it progresses through the Financial Institution’s dispute resolution process.

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Developed By: Redstone Federal Credit Union
Version: - Published June 2021

The 'ATM/Debit Card Dispute Tracking Research' DNA app provides Financial Institutions the ability to capture the details of a disputed ATM/Debit Card transaction and perform automated debits and credits based on custom configuration. Using this application, the Financial Institution can track the dispute of their customers related to the scenarios when an account is debited but cash is not disbursed or an account is debited twice etc.



The application provides the capability to perform automatic transactions based on a customizable workflow. Each dispute status can be configured with an account such that moving a dispute to that status automatically transfers money between the member account and a general ledger account or between general ledger accounts. When a dispute is created, the member account holds the debit. If the dispute is moved to a status with a configured account number to debit, then that account will be debited, and the previously debited account is credited.


The App displays list of all the successful/failed transactions that are done by a given card within a specified date range, which helps the teller to identify the disputed transactions and link them with the dispute. A 'Slide-Out Panel' as a part of the App shows the current status count for all disputes within a date range.

DNAapp Type: Screen

Developed with DNAcreator™

DNAX File Name: ATMDebitCardDisputePackage.dnaxp 

  • DNA version 4.5 or higher
  • Core API 2.2 or higher
  • If Reporting Server and Core Object Director server are setup on separate machine, then AT_DISP.SQT should be manually copied from File Share BAT_EXEEXTN folder to Reporting Server BAT_EXE folder.
  • The required set-up script/ steps have been executed before running this application.
  • This application will be available if the Financial Institution has provided the authorization rights for the same to the respective users.
  • Financial Institutions using the prior releases of this APP cannot be upgraded to version If they wish to use this version, the prior version should be uninstalled and then install App version



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