Redstone Federal Credit Union

As an early adopter of DNAcreator, Redstone Federal Credit Union’s team of experienced software developers have embraced DNAcreator technology to build many applications that are published in the appstore.

Their expertise, skill, and knowledge of the DNA® platform help ensure that their applications provide robust solutions to business problems.

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  1. Negative Unapplied Loan Balance Report
    Negative Unapplied Loan Balance Report
    This application generates a report that lists all loan accounts having negative unapplied balances by major and minor. Learn More
  2. New Customer Data File
    New Customer Data File
    This DNAapp produces a CSV data file of all new people who joined a financial institution during a configurable time period. Learn More
  3. Null Interest Rate Report
    Null Interest Rate Report
    This DNAapp generates a report that lists all adjustable loan accounts having zero or null interest rates. Learn More
  4. Open Closed Report
    Open Closed Report
    This DNAapp generates a report of numbers of deposit and loan accounts that are opened or closed for a specific time period listed by branch names. Learn More
  5. Overdraft Privilege Maintenance
    Overdraft Privilege Maintenance
    100% of 100
    Provides all ODP related information and maintenance options for a given account on a single screen for financial supervisors and frontline staff to manage ODP options and quickly browse an account’s ODP information. Learn More
  6. Remote Deposit History
    Remote Deposit History
    This DNAapp is designed to work with Vertifi, a specific independent third party Remote Deposit Capture processor. This application allows users to verify that a check being deposited or cashed in person is not one that may have previously been deposited using Remote Deposit Capture. Learn More
  7. SBA Form 1149 Report
    SBA Form 1149 Report
    20% of 100
    Financial institutions often need to furnish information to the Small Business Administration (SBA) pertaining to borrowers and their loans with SBA Form 1149. This form is needed when a loan is in default and all collection efforts have been exhausted. Learn More
  8. SSA Verification of Deposit
    SSA Verification of Deposit
    The Social Security Administration (SSA) Deposit of Verification application is designed to fulfill requests from the SSA requesting person’s deposit account information and balances over a period of time. Learn More
  9. Supplemental Dividends
    Supplemental Dividends

    The application provides the benefit of providing a supplemental dividend to members who consume the services the institution wants them to use.

    Learn More
  10. TDR Modified Loans Report
    TDR Modified Loans Report
    This DNAapp displays information about loans and credit cards that have been restructured. This report uses data input from the Troubled Debt Restructure Tracking DNAapp by Redstone (a.k.a. Loan Restructure Tracking). Learn More
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