Redstone Federal Credit Union

As an early adopter of DNAcreator, Redstone Federal Credit Union’s team of experienced software developers have embraced DNAcreator technology to build many applications that are published in the appstore.

Their expertise, skill, and knowledge of the DNA® platform help ensure that their applications provide robust solutions to business problems.

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  1. Deposit Account Activity Profile
    Deposit Account Activity Profile
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    Streamline deposit account activity review and reporting with this new screen and printable report. With this app, staff can quickly review the number of occurrences and dollar amounts of a variety of deposit account transactions in both tables and charts as well as generate a printable report.

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  2. Deposit Fee Refund Tool
    Deposit Fee Refund Tool

    This application allows a user to review a member’s (TRO of the account selected) history of overdraft privilege NSF transactions, process fee refunds and record notes regarding the refund. The App also allows authorized users to initialize the refund and add an account note to describe more details.

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  3. ELMO - Electronic Lobby Manager
    ELMO - Electronic Lobby Manager
    ELMO is a multi-screen DNAapp that helps financial institutions streamline member/customer branch visits. Users can create visits, monitor visits, view lobby snapshots, and generate valuable data-rich reports for more informed staffing and branch decision making. Its admin tool lets users configure the app for their unique needs and manage it during operation. Learn More
  4. Employee Role Audit Report
    Employee Role Audit Report
    This DNAapp provides a report with maintenance activity when an employee was added to an account in a non-employee role. This report is conducive to supporting financial institution audit requirements. Learn More
  5. Impaired Loan Report
    Impaired Loan Report
    This DNAapp displays information about loans and credit cards that are impaired for audit purposes. This report uses data input from the Loan Restructure Tracking Application. Learn More
  6. Line of Credit Reward
    Line of Credit Reward
    The Line of Credit Reward application is designed to provide members/customers with an automatic line of credit. Learn More
  7. Loan Chargeoff and Recovery Extract
    Loan Chargeoff and Recovery Extract
    The ChargeOff Loans and Recovery application retrieves information about loans that were charged off within a specific time period and creates a comma-delimited file. This application also creates another comma-delimited file that includes recovery information on charge off loans within a specific time period. Learn More
  8. Mail Restriction Maintenance
    Mail Restriction Maintenance
    The Mail Restriction Tool DNAapp allows users to easily set and adjust Mail Restrictions, Overrides, and an optional UserFieldCode to some or all the accounts related to an account holder. Learn More
  9. Membership Summary
    Membership Summary

    Membership Summary Tool provides configurable, printed account information for members.

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  10. Monthly Income/Credit Score Package
    Monthly Income/Credit Score Package
    This package includes the Estimated Monthly Income processing and the Income and Credit Score Inquiry Application. The Income and Credit Score Inquiry Application allows users to view a person's estimated monthly income and credit score information by looking at accounts at a particular financial institution making the estimated monthly income an approximation. This may be used to help determine if a person is eligible for a loan. Learn More
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