Redstone Federal Credit Union

As an early adopter of DNAcreator, Redstone Federal Credit Union’s team of experienced software developers have embraced DNAcreator technology to build many applications that are published in the appstore.

Their expertise, skill, and knowledge of the DNA® platform help ensure that their applications provide robust solutions to business problems.

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  1. ATM Debit Card Dispute Tracking Research
    ATM Debit Card Dispute Tracking Research

    The ‘ATM/Debit Card Dispute Research’ DNA app provides Financial Institutions the ability to capture the details of a disputed ATM/Debit Card transaction.  The application also automates the application of debits and credits tied to the dispute as it progresses through the Financial Institution’s dispute resolution process.

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  2. Backup Withholding Tool
    Backup Withholding Tool
    The Backup Withholding Tool is a single screen developed to create, modify, and inactivate backup withholdings on a member's dividend earning accounts due to IRS notifications. Learn More
  3. Check Funds History
    Check Funds History

    This DNAapp allows tellers to review customer’s transactions that used checks, including checks cashed/deposited at the ITM.

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  4. Commercial Business Profiler
    Commercial Business Profiler
    This multiple screen app provides a one-stop hub for a financial institution to review and investigate a business and its owners’/officers’ financial activities before offering a new service or approving a new account. The app also analyzes an FI's commercial growth dynamics and account composition by zip code, industry, type and more. Learn More
  5. Debit Rewards
    Debit Rewards

    This application is designed to provide members/customers with cash back each month based on the POS withdrawals performed on specific checking account minors.  Rewards can be based on either the number of withdrawals or on a % of the value of withdrawals.

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  6. Deposit Fee Refund Tool
    Deposit Fee Refund Tool

    This application allows a user to review a member’s (TRO of the account selected) history of overdraft privilege NSF transactions, process fee refunds and record notes regarding the refund. The App also allows authorized users to initialize the refund and add an account note to describe more details.

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  7. ELMO - Electronic Lobby Manager
    ELMO - Electronic Lobby Manager
    ELMO is a multi-screen DNAapp that helps financial institutions streamline member/customer branch visits. Users can create visits, monitor visits, view lobby snapshots, and generate valuable data-rich reports for more informed staffing and branch decision making. Its admin tool lets users configure the app for their unique needs and manage it during operation. Learn More
  8. Mail Restriction Maintenance
    Mail Restriction Maintenance
    The Mail Restriction Tool DNAapp allows users to easily set and adjust Mail Restrictions, Overrides, and an optional UserFieldCode to some or all the accounts related to an account holder. Learn More
  9. Mortgage Maintenance Tool
    Mortgage Maintenance Tool
    The Mortgage Maintenance Tool application is a multi-screen application to provide a one-stop hub for existing mortgage account maintenance. Learn More
  10. SSA Verification of Deposit
    SSA Verification of Deposit
    The Social Security Administration (SSA) Deposit of Verification application is designed to fulfill requests from the SSA requesting person’s deposit account information and balances over a period of time. Learn More
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