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No one understands the DNA development needs of a financial institution better than another financial institution. Born as the software development department for Greylock Federal Credit Union, Greylock Technology Group (GTG) has the skills, knowledge and experience to help your institution get everything you want from DNA. Whether you need plug & play DNAapps, custom programming or Training and consulting, GTG is here for you.

Call or e-mail us today if you have any DNAapp needs or ideas. We’re here to help.

Primary Contact: Kevin Zimmer
Phone: 413-236-4040

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  1. All Notes Screen
    All Notes Screen
    100% of 100
    This DNAapp consolidates all Notes, Warnings, Lockouts, Contact Management records, and Dynamic Messages related to the selected entity being served into a single, easy-to-access screen so that your staff can search, sort, filter and find relevant notes fast. Learn More
  2. Call Center Panel
    Call Center Panel
    A simple slide out screen which allows users to view, create, and inactivate notes pertaining to Call Center activity. Learn More
  3. Ceto Cash Box Manager
    Ceto Cash Box Manager
    CetoLogic Cash Calculator (C³) is a cash management system that is used to optimize branch/ATM cash levels throughout the financial institution and optimize cash delivery and usage. Learn More
  4. Content Links
    Content Links

    The Content Links application is used to create and maintain links that are displayed in a web browser within DNA®.

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  5. Covalent

    Covalent is used to create and maintain links that are displayed in a web browser within DNA®. Links can be set up to pass data from DNA® as parameters, for example, a name can be passed to a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report. Additionally, oAuth and QCash security types are supported

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  6. DDS File Management
    DDS File Management
    The DDS File Management application is a batch application that finds all files with a specific extension, makes a copy in another folder, with the copy having index values that allow for import into DDS. The original file is always left in its original state. Learn More
  7. Delinquent Loan Payment Tracking
    Delinquent Loan Payment Tracking
    The Delinquent Loan Payment Tracking report identifies loan payments that are made on non-business days towards delinquent loans and that are posted on the next business day. Learn More
  8. Delinquent PMI Loans Report
    Delinquent PMI Loans Report
    This app generates a report of accounts with Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) that are delinquent based on a specified date and number of days. Learn More
  9. Deposit Change Review Report
    Deposit Change Review Report

    This app generates a report of data changes for deposit accounts over a specified date range for audit purposes.  The report has twelve optional sections that can be displayed, as well as a parameter that can be used to not report changes made by automated processes (e.g. batch changes).

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  10. Experian Credit Score Export
    Experian Credit Score Export

    The Experian Credit Score Export application extracts person information required by Experian to import, process, and return updated credit score data. As financial institutions may seek credit scores on a regular basis (e.g. bi-yearly, quarterly) this application can be run as needed and the resulting file sent to the vendor.

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