Member 360 View

The Member 360 View DNAapp provides a high-level holistic view of member’s relationship with the Financial Institution
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Developed By: Firefighters First Credit Union
Version: - Published May 2019

The Member 360 View DNAapp provides a high-level holistic view of member's relationship with the Financial Institution i.e., number the current and past accounts they have, external accounts/services, associated relationships, member's financial situation (credit score, total assets, total loans, etc.), and their level of stickiness/engagement with the Financial Institution (Direct Deposit, etc.).

Following information is visible from the application:

  • Employment Details
  • Member Details
  • Member Relationships
  • Everyday Accounts
  • Lending Accounts
  • Additional Services
  • Balances
  • Activity Dates
  • Profile Notes


The Member 360 View DNAapp supports consumer members (persons) only.



Member Representatives need to navigate to multiple screens to get the details about a Member and their related accounts.

New screen, 'Member 360 View', helps Financial Institutions to

  • Save member representative's time as all the information is available on single screen, hence improves member service
  • Analyze member's relationship with Financial Institutions for further decision making that may include, but not limited to, offer better interest rates on Saving, offer new Loan with lower interest rates etc.

DNAapp Type: Screen

Developed with DNAcreator™

DNAX File Name: Member360.dnax 

  • Fiserv DNA 4.4.1 or higher
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Core API Service 2.1.1 or higher



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