Account Exception Notice

This DNAapp creates notices for accounts that had an exception requiring a notice raised on a transaction.
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Developed By: Fiserv
Version: - Published June 2017

The Account Exception Notice Report selects all Transaction Exceptions for the current processing date and generates notices for those exceptions flagged for notices in the Transaction Exception DNA® settings.  Runtime parameters provide the ability to limit the types of transactions for which exceptions are selected. Additionally, the application may be excluded at either the Major/Minor or Account level. 

This application is a modified version of the DNA® application DSI_NSF and will allow for a 10 digit check number field, right justify the Amount and Check Number and expand the output records to 100 characters.

DNAapp Type: Batch Application

Developed with DNAcreator™

Technical Name - PS_DSI_NSF

DNAX File: ps_dsi_nsf.dnax 

Requires DNA® 4.0 or higher


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