3rd Party Bank Check Data

3rd Party Bank Check Data DNAapp provides the ability to extract batch check data for printing by a third party vendor.
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Developed By: Fiserv
Version: - Published December 2020

The 3rd Party Bank Check Data DNAapp provides the ability to extract batch check data for printing by a third party vendor, in lieu of printing the checks in-house. The application provides two different file layout options controlled by the app’s configuration options. While the file layouts were originally developed for consumption by Standard Register and Financial Statement Services (FSSI), they may be used with any vendor accepting the specific file layout(s).


For DNA®clients who select a check printing solution other than Output Solutions from Fiserv, this DNAapp creates a file containing check information that can be processed by a third party vendor for subsequent printing and mailing. By using this app, you can streamline the process of collecting and sharing the data your third-party check printer needs to print and mail checks for your institution. Working with a check-printing partner can help you reduce the time, effort, and money associated with printing checks in-house, allowing you to redeploy your resources more productively.

DNAapp Type: Batch Extract

Third Party Integration

Developed with DNAcreator™  

Technical Name - PS_BATCHKPRT

DNAX File Name: PS_BATCHKPRT.dnax 

  • The highest value for the Organization User Field - Nbr of Properties/Disbursement (NODA) is 1. All combined checks will be noted as exceptions and not included in the file
  • Requires purchase or subscription to a third-party solution. Third-party solution is not included in the price of this app.
    • This DNAapp was originally designed to work with both Standard Register and Financial Statement Services (FSSI)
    • Vendors/solutions not listed may also work with this application; please check with your vendor of choice if they are not listed here.


Note: Changes by third-party vendors to their systems, files and integration approaches that impact the functionality of this DNAapp are not covered under maintenance.

Note: Contact your third-party solution provider for instructions on configuring your third-party solution to accept and process the extract file(s) created by this DNAapp.



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