Apps By Fiserv

Apps By Fiserv

Fiserv DNAapps are created and supported by a number of divisions within Fiserv, including the Custom Solutions (CS), DNA development function teams under the direction of  Product Management, and other product teams within greater Fiserv in collaboration with the Open Solutions Division. All Fiserv DNAapps meet our rigorous standards so that you can install and use them with confidence. 

If you can't find the solution you're looking for on the AppMarket, the Custom Solutions group within the Open Solutions Division can help! Since its founding in 2000, Custom Solutions for DNA has created thousands of applications for our clients, ranging from simple reports and screens to complex sub-systems, as well as hundreds of integrations (real-time and batch) to other software products. We are experts in customizing and extending the DNA system for our clients. Many of our Business Analysts and Software Developers have over 15 years’ experience in the development of software for financial institutions. This unique blend of financial institution domain expertise and comprehensive DNA knowledge enables us to readily understand your needs and create solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Contact your Account Executive to learn how Custom Solutions can help turn your app ideas into reality!

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  1. Agreement Activity Monitoring
    Agreement Activity Monitoring
    This application has a custom screen which allows the user to view the agreement activity. This screen also allows the user to enter a date period and the agreement number to search for the activity for a specific agreement number in a specific date range. Learn More
  2. Agreement Delink
    Agreement Delink
    This DNAapp delinks accounts with designated statuses from Card Agreements or Electronic Agreements and optionally closes the Card Agreement or Inactivates the Electronic Agreement if there are no accounts linked. Learn More
  3. Alert and Note Setup
    Alert and Note Setup

    This DNAapp appends special notes and warning flags to an account, person, or organization.

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  4. All Accounts Extracts
    All Accounts Extracts

    The application enables the Financial Institution to export two extract files, one with all DNA accounts, including externally serviced accounts, and a second with only the DNA externally serviced accounts cross referenced with their external account numbers from the system.

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  5. All Accounts History
    All Accounts History
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    This app creates a new screen that displays transaction activity for all accounts for which the selected Customer / Member is listed as the tax owner, and optionally, the non-Tax Owner. Learn More
  6. ALM-CECL Extract
    ALM-CECL Extract

    This DNAapp creates export files and associated comma-separated value (CSV) files so the Fiserv Prologue accounting package or other accounting software packages can develop historical data.

    This package contains ALM-CECL Extract (MM_ALMCECL) and DNA Prologue ALM Conversion Helper (MM_ALMCECL_CONV)

    Learn More
  7. ASD Fraud Extract
    ASD Fraud Extract
    This DNAapp extracts transaction details for transmission/upload to the ASD Fraud System. This application produces an extract file and a report showing the totals, it does not update the database. Learn More
  8. Asset Liability Interface
    Asset Liability Interface

    This DNAapp enables financial institutions to generate the extract files from DNA® for use with Asset and Liability Management (ALM) systems; helping financial institutions manage their liquidity and other related risks.

    Learn More
  9. At a Glance
    At a Glance
    This application gives the ability to view member verification data such as name, address, phone numbers, email address, DOB, SSN, open date, home branch of member and the ability to indicate the verification used. Learn More
  10. ATM Denied Transaction Assessment
    ATM Denied Transaction Assessment
    This application provides the ability to assess service charges for foreign ATM withdrawal requests that were denied for insufficient funds. Learn More
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