Business Analyzer

This app is a sales tool which helps Business Officers to demonstrate the advantages of banking at their Financial Institution by providing clients the ability to model and assess various charges or credits their accounts may incur in various scenarios
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Developed By: COCC
Version: - Published March 2017

The Business Analyzer is designed for use as a sales tool for the Business Officer to demonstrate the advantages of banking at their Financial Institution and provide the client with scenarios for the Total Service Charges or Earnings Credits their analysis checking account may incur if the account is opened and maintained at the Financial Institution.


By entering counts of service items and balances, the Officer is able to model “what if” costs for the relationship by showing the client how adjustments to number of services provided and balances maintained will affect their overall banking needs costs.




The Business Analyzer application provides the Financial Institution’s Business Operations team with the ability to: 

  • Provide the User with a straightforward single-screen modeling calculator for walking through relationship services needed and potential costs/savings for prospective businesses.
  • Utilize the Financial Institution’s own products, current settings, and rate schedules.
  • Allow the User to model service items and cost overrides without having to change any product settings.
  • Has service line item waiver and override capabilities for each service item offered.
  • Services modeled are taken from the product (so there are no conflicts between what the Financial Institution is prepared to offer/support and non-supported services).
  • Display of service line item effect and contribution to the account’s total required available balance.
  • Ability to demonstrate how changes for each item or charge affects the required balance requirements instead of from all service items being lumped together.
  • Functionality to account for non-standard analysis cycles (i.e. 90 days versus 30 days) for seasonal businesses.

DNAapp Type: Screen

Developed with DNAcreator™

DNAX File Name: AnalysisCalc.dnax 

DNA® version 4.0 or above



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