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Collections Optimizer

By Fiserv

Increase your collections efforts while decreasing you delinquency rate.

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Consumer Lending


The Collections Optimizer application transfers funds from non-retirement deposit accounts (referred to throughout as Donor accounts) to satisfy delinquent loan accounts (referred to as the Recipient accounts) of a person or organization. Parameters are used to define which accounts are eligible for processing based on product type and related account roles.


Achieve operational efficiencies by deploying our Collections Optimizer application.

  • Eliminates research time for collectors by locating funds to satisfy delinquency amounts
  • Decreases delinquency

App Information

Version - Published May 2022
Developer Website


DNAapp Type: Batch Application

Developed with DNAcreator™


DNAX File Name: ps_delqln_fundsxfr.dnax 


  • Requires DNA® 4.0 or Higher
  • Whether or not the transaction updates “customer contact' should be reviewed by your compliance department. This setting is controlled at the transaction type level. The user can review and edit the settings on the transactions through the System tables (RtxnTyp) (DNA > Systems)  
  • The recipient account must allow partial payments otherwise an exception will be generated and displayed on the output report as ‘Product does not allow partial payments’.
  • The External Transaction Descriptions used to identify government deposits are stored in the External Interface Cross Reference table located in the System tables (DNA > Systems) and should be maintained by each institution since descriptions may differ.