Cashed Check History

This app will enable the end user to see cashed check in the account balance history.

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Developed By: Fiserv
Version: - Published January 2021

When cashing a check, there is no transaction applied in the balance history.  Therefore there is not an easy way to identify when a check has been cashed against an account. It is useful to have row in the balance history that references the cashed check.  This will help with compliance and research  as the transaction can be compared to the hold record. 



Efficiencies in research and customer assistance are gained when the end user can see cashed check in the account balance history.

​DNAapp Type: Batch Process/Report

Developed with DNAcreator™

Technical Name: PS_CSHCHK_TXN

DNAX File Name: PS_CSHCHK_TXN.dnax

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