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Candidly enables financial institutions to deliver a white-labeled, data-intelligent student debt management solution and unlock financial wellness for the 47.9 million who have student loans.

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  • Crush Student Debt

    Gamify micropayments and automate extra contributions to help customers pay less student loan interest over time.

  • Change Student Loan Repayment Options

    Customers can discover new ways to optimize student loan payoff with alternative repayment plans and refinancing options.

  • Learn About Student Lending

    Offer one-on-one coaching services, financial literacy content, and progress tracking — all within a white-labeled platform.

  • Multi-Lender Marketplace

    For accountholders that need financing, you can give them access to a marketplace for private student loans.


Fiserv, in partnership with Candidly, has introduced a cloud-based, hosted-services platform to help your customers crush student loan debt and take control of their financial security.
It enables financial institutiosn to address one of their customers’ biggest unmet financial needs: student-debt-centric personal finance management.
Candidly empowers customers with student loans to reduce monthly payments and/or greatly accelerate the payoff of student loans through actions and microtransactions that have a larger effect over time. The platform uses customer data and predictive analysis to create personalized plans to tackle student debt and help create financial wellness.
Candidly increases return on investment (ROI) by providing support services to grow a financial institution's customer base across key demographics and transform its banking products.
This solution enables financial institutions to acquire low-cost sticky deposits and attract a younger demographic through intent-driven digital marketing channels.
As customers liberate cash flow on the platform, Candidly will utilize real-time messaging to present users with options to redirect these savings into deposit or other preferred accounts to drive greater utilization and increase balances across key banking products.