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With Bakkt

Enable your accountholders to buy, sell and hold bitcoin and ether on a secure and regulated platform.

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  • Built for Growth

    Increase engagement, retention, and acquisition. Demonstrate brand innovation.

  • Delight Your Customers

    Provide cost-effective access to crypto

  • Speed to Market

    Easily integrate crypto into your mobile banking experience, and get insights to inform your strategy sooner.

  • Regulated and Secure

    Fully regulated, Bakkt offers comprehensive security, strong risk mitigation measures, customer support and tax reporting for crypto.


Fiserv partners with Bakkt to enable financial institutions to offer their customers access to buying, selling, and holding crypto on a secure and regulated platform.

The Bakkt platform is integrated to Mobiliti™ from Fiserv, supporting a natural extension of the digital banking experience.

The Bakkt platform is built for scale on a modern cloud architecture, which can flex with the growth of the financial institution's client base and transactions. Given the growing interest in the crypto market, Bakkt can help financial institutions attract new customers and generate non-interest income from a different segment.

Consumers want access to their financial information on their terms. And thanks to Bakkt technology, financial institutions can satisfy those demands while increasing engagement, lowering costs and ensuring compliance. Bakkt changes the crypto landscape by enabling real-time crypto transactions right from a mobile application.

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